Ephesians 6:12

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places.

The alarm rings and its time to rise.
He awakes to face another day.
The sun has not yet peeked its face,
His work-outs done and he’s on his way.

All he can hear is his Coach’s voice,
Telling him that he’s already a champ.
That’s what encourages him to fight on,
Even though he’s sore and starting to cramp.

Tonight he finds out right where he ranks.
He has plans of being the best in the state.
Now he is going to see if it has all paid off,
The blood, sweat, tears, and practicing late.

There’s something deep inside this boy,
Its what drives his fight to be the best.
It’s this boy’s determination and grit,
That sets this guy apart from the rest.

Something rises up inside each wrestler,
When he’s ready and he hears his name.
He knows he’s stepping into the lions den,
And this pussy cat, he’s planning to tame.

As he confidently takes his mark on the mat,
He’s wishing he had a sling and a stone.
The reff says that it’s just him and Goliath,
Now he’s starting to feel, pretty alone.

He remembers the words of an old friend,
That told him his battle was already won.
Not because of any work that he can do,
But because of what the Lord Jesus has done.

He pauses for a minute to talk to God,
And thank Him for this chance in this gym.
He knows the bible says he can do all things,
Through Christ Jesus who strengthens him.

The whistle blows and its time to go,
The boys lock up like bulls in spring.
It’s going to be one heck of a fight,
To see who’s the champ, of this here ring.

There’s take down after take down,
And lots of reversals and escape.
Half way through the third round,
They are tied at twenty-eight.

From the corned the boy can hear,
His coach is calling, short time, let’s go.
Who would leave this mat a champ?
From the looks, only God would know.

The whistle blows and the match is over,
The crowd is on the edge of their seat.
Did the boy with all the heart win today?
Or will we learn that he’s been beat?

The reff brings them both to the middle,
Has them take their mark and shake hands.
He raises the arm of the gritty young man,
He’s officially the champ of the land.

You see, he didn’t win because of his size,
The odds were against him from the start.
This young man came out on top today,
Because he had Jesus with him from the start.

We all face matches in life, bigger than us,
Sometimes it looks like we have no chance.
But if we take Jesus as our coach in life,
When He calls our short time, we can dance.

No matter what battle you’re facing in life,
Just know that God is fighting on your side.
The bible says “perfect love casts out all fear”,
So hang on, it’s going to be one heck of a ride.

-Justin Palmer