From the perch atop my horse, tonight,
I’m ahead of the storm movin in.
I workin my way down to the ridge;
Wanna watch the sun set from the rim.

That’s when the prairie reaches up,
And shakes hands with the setting sun.
And just when it seems life is at its best
Clouds move in and the storm has begun.

I finished my prayer as I climb from my horse,
And head for my cabin below.
I thank God for the time that he takes,
To create spring in Idaho.

A night of good rain and I rush to the hills,
To see what the sprinkler dance has done.
To breathe the new life God has given,
And seek out the new wild flowers for fun.

It will take your breath and melt your heart,
It’s a beauty that none can surpass.
To see the sky in all of her glory,
Dancing with flowers across the grass.

The sky seems to read me like a book,
She smiles ‘cause she knows she’s pretty.
She looks down at the flowers and dances,
Just putting on a show for you and me.

The trail brings me to a quiet grove;
They were whispering, side by side.
Two small and delicate wildflowers,
One slyly winking, the other wide-eyed.

I couldn’t bear to leave them
For I know what the days have in store
The cattle and horses, would soon pass this way
And I know these deserve so much more.

So I gathered them gently and carried them home,
Arranged them with loving pride.
Prepared for their place of glory,
To honor and bless my dear bride.

The two are raised up for all to admire,
Still dancing as if they’re best friends.
But now that they are home safe with me,
They will be daddy’s girls till the end.

You see, I don’t just pick the flowers;
To ruin the beautiful land.
I have chosen the very best ones,
To cherish and hold in my hand.

When its bleak and horizons are darkest,
And you know the storms on its way.
Remember that after the night of rain,
Little flowers come out to play.

So take a second to pray and give thanks,
Knowing all things will soon be made right.
No matter what happens during the day,
The flowers will always tuck you in at night.

-Justin Palmer