I don’t care what the world has to say,
All the people that think they’re so smart.
They try to argue about when life begins,
At conception is where life gets its start.

No child ever born was an accident,
God knows the beginning from the end.
He has a plan for every single life,
And He knows just what genes to mend.

Each of us is created in God’s image,
Everything He does is perfect to the T.
God takes time creating every person,
What does that say about you and me?

The baby you hold in your hands,
Is fearfully and wonderfully made.
Each child is created for a purpose,
And then into your trust they are laid.

You could never comprehend the love,
That every parent has for their kid.
In the heart of every loving parent,
Is where unconditional love is hid.

There is a great plan for your kids,
He’s going to use them in mighty ways.
If you will just trust them into His hands,
And ask him to help you guide their way.

Never forget that you’re God’s child too,
That He loves you just the way you are.
In His eyes you are perfect and beautiful,
Your worth more to Him than all the stars.

The only way you can truly love your kids,
Is with the perfect love that’s from above.
So let the love of God flow through you,
To show every kid they are Gods chosen dove.

-Justin Palmer