I run across an old cowboy the other night,
As I was pushing some strays down the road.
There was a heap of knowledge under that hat,
And I’m gonna share with you what I was told.

He told me of all the bad ones that he’d rode
And all the open country that he’d seen.
Said he had rode for every real cow outfit,
From big water to big water and in-between.

He told of gatherings out on the open range,
How they’d have a rodeo, before it had name.
Said the broncs were wilder back in his day,
Before they were city pets, all pampered and tame.

Told me about the best horse that he ever had.
Said it was race horse skinny and out house tall.
He twitched and said it bucked him off every week,
But don’t worry cause my head always broke my fall.

He looked me straight in the eyes and grinned.
Saying God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.
Then laughing he told when he gets to heaven,
He gets extra credit for all his wrecks and spills.

It broke my heart to see what he’d become,
A buckaroo kicked out to range with no care.
One that would saddle a bad one just for fun,
Was now left to his stories and a rockin chair.

With a smile on his face he leaned to me and said,
There’s something I really think you should know.
I’m about to roll up my bed for one more ride,
You see, I can hear the master calling me home.

He asked if he could pray for me before I left,
I obliged, removed my hat, and bowed my head.
He talked to God like he was his closest friend,
I wanna leave you with the words that cowboy said.

Dear Lord, thank you for making us cowboys,
And for letting us ride upon your majestic land.
Thank you for all the rain, sun, and grass around,
But most of all, thank you for always lending a hand.

God I hear you have better in store for us up there,
And that you have a house for me on a road of gold.
But all I asking for is somewhere to lay my weary head,
And for a place to ride with the great cowboys of old.

Thank you for clearing a path for us cowboys home,
By paying a debt that you did not have to pay.
So father as we part and go down our own trails,
May you Bless those around us and guide our way.

-Justin Palmer