The night is cold and I’m all alone,
Not a friend in the world tonight.
I’m trying to read a letter from home,
In the moons lonely fading light.

It’s something that my father wrote,
A love letter wrote just for me.
I slowly open the letter from my dad,
And here’s the words he wrote to me.

My beloved child, how I love you so,
I remember the day that you were born.
When our eyes first met, I knew then,
You were a rose among the thorns.

I watched you grow through the years,
I tried to be the best dad that I could.
I thought nothing would take us apart,
Turned out your plans and pride would.

No matter what I did to show my love,
Over the years we seemed to drift apart.
I wasn’t trying to force my will on you,
Just wanted to say, you still have my heart.

I know you feel alone and scared tonight,
Kinda like the worlds left you out to dry.
Please know I will never quit loving you,
For you my dear child, I am willing to die.

No matter what you’ve done or where you been,
I don’t see you as being rebellious and wild.
When I look at you I don’t see any falt,
All I see is my perfect and beautiful child.

Remember that I’m always waiting for you,
No matter how long you decide to roam.
And his letter was signed, with love, dad,
P.s. I have better for you, please come home.

When I closed the letter I bowed my head,
And decided to speak directly to my dad.
I thanked God for the bible in my hand,
And for being the best dad I have ever had.

-Justin Palmer