As the year comes to an end
And the next ones about to start.
We’ll all spend a little time reflecting,
And hoping we’ve done our part.

Did I take every chance to do good,
Did I love my neighbor like I’m told?
I tried to be quick to forgive,
To both the young and the old.

We were given 365 days last year,
And entrusted to do our very best.
I tried to be a better person each day,
And trusted the Lord with the rest.

But as a new year is about to start,
I have no resolutions to make.
I am happy with what God has done so far,
And none of the credit is mine to take.

So I’ll take next year one day at a time,
And not let the world tell me otherwise.
I will strive to love God and my family,
And keep my eyes fixed on the prize.

May the next year be filled with joy,
And a peace that’s unsurpassed.
And when the tough times come as they will,
May I have a faith that will last.

To God a day is like a thousand years,
And a thousand years like a day with you.
This means that we will be in Jesus presence,
In a matter of a day or two.

So I pray that this is the year,
And the generation that shall not pass.
I’m looking forward to the day He calls,
And I get to walk through heavens grass.

I pray that this year God blesses you,
And keeps you healthy and safe.
Lets keep our eyes fixed on Jesus,
The author and finisher of our faith.

-Justin Palmer