Met a young man the other day,
When the rodeo came to town.
He was standing behind the chutes,
Putting on makeup like a clown.

I struck up a conversation with him,
Trying to figure out, just what was his deal.
I couldn’t understand what would make a guy,
Be willing to risk his life. What was the appeal?

I asked him why he would put it all on the line,
For some guys that he didn’t even know.
Why he would take a shot for a cowboy,
Just for a couple seconds of fame at a show.

I figured there was better ways to spend his life,
Than giving it up just so these boys could ride.
I informed him that it wasn’t too late,
That he could pick a new job, he’d be justified.

He looked at me through his mascara and grinned,
And said you better take a seat my new friend.
I think this is going to take a few minutes,
But I hope a little understanding I can lend.

I appreciate your concern for my well being,
But you see, these aren’t just cowboys to me,
There’s a relationship I’ve built with each one,
They are my friends, and most important, my family.

There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for them,
And they know that I’m just an arms length away.
I’ll be standing close, right outside the storm,
Waiting for my chance keep the threat at bay.

You see, I love these guys, and I love what I do,
Its something that most people cant comprehend.
The bible says, “Greater love has no one than this,
That he lay down his life for his friends.”

I thought for a second and asked him the obvious,
I told him that I didn’t mean to sound so insincere.
But when your out there don’t you get scared?
He grinned and said, “Perfect Loves casts out all fear.”

He said, Mister, I sure do hope you can understand,
Why I fight these bulls without any kind of reward.
Im the closest thing some of these guys will ever know,
To a true and loving relationship with the Lord.

Finishing our goodbyes while they were loading the chutes,
I was wishing we had a few more hours to spend.
He shook my hand and looked me straight in the eye,
And told me he was proud to call me his friend.

So next time you’re at the rodeo, keep an eye open for him,
He’ll be the one with the smile that lights up the place.
Take a second and thank him for what he’s doing,
And say hi to my friend with the makeup upon his face.

-Justin Palmer