May I have a second of your time,
To get a few things off my heart.
I’m not forcing you to agree with me,
Just a little cowboy wisdom to impart.

We have some elected leaders,
That don’t know wrong from right.
And you can only push a guy so far,
Until he’s forced to fight.

They’ve tried to turn us on each other,
With how we voted, or the color of our skin.
It’s time we started picking our leaders,
By the depth of character that’s within.

We’re only asking for God’s judgement,
And are headed for certain doom.
When those running this country,
Celebrate killing babies in the womb.

I have some rights as an American,
That have stood the test of time.
Just cause you’re letting them have yours,
Does not give you the right to take mine.

Yes, we own guns, and that’s our rights,
And we’ll have as many as we please.
Because a man would rather die,
Fighting on his feet, then begging on his knees.

And no matter how I wish to worship,
My relationship with God is my own.
Jesus is my Lord and Savior,
And only He sits upon that throne.

Salvation is only found through Jesus,
That is why He dies for me and you.
Don’t let anyone try to be your god,
No matter if they voted red or blue.

I stand proud to be an American,
In a country that God has certainly blessed.
I’ll stand to honor the flag and our soldiers,
And thank God for our home in the West.

So, politicians you better get to prayin’,
Before you come for my bible or my gun.
I will be dead and gone,
Before you can take either one.

And as I see this country fading away,
Quickly given to the evil one.
I beg of you today Patriots,
Don’t not loose grip on God or your gun.

-Justin Palmer