I remember from early on
The respect I had for my dad.
No matter what the job was
He would give it all that he had.

He always did what was right;
He helped everyone where he could.
When it came to his family and faith
Everyone knew where he stood.

As a boy I sure adored my dad
He was everything that I wanted to be.
It was the cry of my heart
Just to hear he was proud of me.

I spent years living in his shadow
Content just to be by his side
When this world would beat me up
It was the perfect place to run and hide.

I couldn’t wait for the day I got to go
It was finally time to drop the overalls
Dad handed me my first 501’s
Saddled my horse and told me to sit up tall.

As the years passed and I grew older
I began to resent the work and this place
I figured I had outgrown my father’s shadow
It was time to chase my dreams and a faster pace.

Now as a man with a little one in tow,
I see him watching and trying with all his will.
Says he wants to be in his daddy’s shadow
But to confess, I’m trying to fill my father’s still.

Well the time has come to say “Goodbye.”
But dad’s shadow will still stand as before.
I pray to God my shadow looks just like his
And that my boy will seek it, that much more.

Now Dad is kneeling in the Father’s Shadow
Right where Jesus is interceding for you and me
I pray my boy learns what I’ve come to learn
In the FATHER’s shadow is where we’re meant to be.

-Justin Palmer