For a cowboy, it’s the quiet times,
Spent on the porch, with coffee in hand.
That allows him reflect on his life,
And thank God for his family and land.

The view from the cabin this morning,
Is nothing but green meadows and lake.
The corrals below are full of horses,
And the cows are feeding toward the gate.

As the sun crests over the pine trees,
It lays her smile across the place.
As the shadows are chased away,
The sun ripples in the crick like lace.

I sit and ponder about this cowboy life,
And how this place has made me whole.
Its all thanks to my dad’s hard work,
Unfortunately the years have had their toll.

The past few years have been hard for all,
We’ve seen the good times come and go.
But even with dad’s slowly failing health,
He has never had the heart to tell kids no.

There’s something special at my fathers place,
That makes you home sick when your away.
It’s a place where everybody feels welcome,
And where we all go to, just to get away.

God has blessed us with this family ranch,
To be able to enjoy this life and pass it on.
I pray the next generation will be able to,
Enjoy each other on this porch and lawn.

When the sun sets over the western hills,
I can’t help but ponder the creators love.
Not only did he paint the skies tonight,
But has a place for me on the ranch above.

Its only by Gods mercy that I’m here today,
Allowed to be a cowboy by His gift of grace.
The more time I spend with God up here,
The more I’m home sick for my fathers place.

-Justin Palmer