He hit his knees and sweat drops of blood,
When he knew what bull he had drawn.
He would surely have the ride of his life,
On a bull they called Death at Dawn.

Some in the crowd cheered the cowboy,
Others just knew failure was his fate.
The cowboy slid up and took a deep seat,
And confidently called for the gate.

Death jumped out and landed with a thud,
Then he turned right back around.
The ornery old bull beat him half to death,
Trying to get him on the ground.

The battle raged for several hours,
But the cowboy, he won the fight.
The judge told them to pack it in,
When they run out of light.

Death had to try one last time,
To beat the cowboy above the ground.
All earth and heaven held their breath
To see who would win this round.

Death couldn’t beat the cowboy,
No matter what he’d try.
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
Spanked death there in the sky.

Death had no power over Jesus,
He conquered it once and for all.
Now we can also approach death,
With our head held way up tall.

He didn’t have to ride that bull,
He could have turned him out you see.
But that day he chose to pull the rope,
And that night he won for you and me.

Now Jesus wears the golden buckle,
With our names engraved inside.
So take Jesus as your travelin partner,
And he’ll be with you through the ride.

-Justin Palmer