I hired on the neighbor place
To help for a couple of days.
The job was to back ride,
And gather up some wild strays.

I knew there would be lots of roping,
It would be wild and fun to the bone.
That’s why there’s neighbor cattle,
So you don’t have to rope your own.

I showed up with a horse and a dog.
We were headed for the hills by eight.
I didn’t care what else happened,
The day was already starting great.

After being dropped off to start,
I rode up the ridge on my bay.
I paused at the top to give thanks to God,
And pray that He would guide my way.

I thanked Him for makin me a cowboy,
And allowing me to live this life.
I thanked Him for my family,
And for giving me such a loving wife.

I asked God to give me His eyes,
And allow me to see things through Him.
A more loving and forgiving way,
Not so close minded, narrow, and dim.

The first draw was full of strays,
They didn’t have the boss’s brand.
They were just living out their life,
Makin a mess of the boss’s land.

They were as wild as a gut shot cat,
When I tried to work them slow.
I was trying to push down the draw,
And get them to the corrals below.

I picked up some of the bosses cows,
That bore his mark for all to see.
They were calmly walking on the trail home,
Knowing that’s where they wanted to be.

The strays kept trying to break and run,
And trying to take the boss cows too.
But they stayed on the narrow trail,
Headed to where the grass was new.

The corrals were full of cattle,
And it was time to sort off the stray.
I felt like God sorting out His children,
From the guilty on judgment day.

The poor old cows that didn’t bare,
Proof of the bosses brand.
Were penned off there to the side
And denied a chance at the Holy land.

When the gather was all done,
And the day had come to an end.
I thanked Jesus for branding me his,
And for calling me his friend.

So after all of this I have figured out.
That Jesus must be a cowboy too.
Not cause he can rope and ride.
But cause He loves strays like me and you.

-Justin Palmer