I was out starting a young colt
For some folks the other night.
All of a sudden something hit me,
Gods love for me came to light.

I was asking the horse to face up,
Just asking him to relax and stop.
All I was getting was a little glare,
As he’d kick and blow by at a trot.

Just trying to get it across to him,
That if he would just relax at best.
All the pressure would be gone,
That is where he would find his rest.

I just wanted him to come to me,
Was wanting him to stop and look.
But it was obvious from his countenance,
Somewhere his trust had been forsook.

With me is where he finds his peace,
But not till he learns to trust my touch.
He has allowed his fears in this life,
To become an all consuming crutch.

When he finally did turn his ear,
And slowed his gait to a trot.
There was a calmness in that horse,
One that he had all but forgot.

It took some time to get close to him,
Always wary if I moved too fast.
After that first touch and brush of hand
There was a relationship that’s unsurpassed.

Through all the trials in his training,
I was there to reassure my love for him.
No matter what he did or where he went,
He knew he was loved under this flat brim.

God is waiting in the center of your life,
Wanting you to slow and look at Him.
Just come to the Lord and find your rest,
And let the new life He has for you begin.

-Justin Palmer