She’s alone again and looks out her window
And wonders if its really worth the fight.
Its getting darker in her world every day,
And she feels especially alone tonight.

So she closes her eyes, and bows her head,
She don’t know what else she can do.
She cries out to a God she don’t know,
Hoping that there’s something He can do.

She says “Dear God, I’m scared and alone,
I’m tired of fighting this uphill fight.
I’m finally at the end of myself,
I’m scared of what might happen tonight.”

Just then God spoke right to her,
And ministered straight to her heart.
He said “my child, you’re not alone,
I’ve been with you from the start.

I’ve seen the pain in your life,
I feel the loneliness within your soul.
I know there’s and emptiness in your heart,
And if you’ll let me — I’ll fill that hole.

I have so much better for you,
I’ll give you a peace that’s unsurpassed.
I want you to have my true joy,
And a life that will matter and last.

I want you to know that I love you,
And it’s not because of what you do.
You mean the world to me, my daughter,
That’s why I gave my son for you.

Come to me and accept my love,
Let go of your burdens and be set free.
I have some amazing plans for you,
If you’ll just accept and trust in me.”

She closed her prayer with a tearful amen,
God was already doing a work within.
She had just received a heart transplant.
And eternity with Him would now begin.

She was broken at the words she heard,
God wants her for His precious bride.
There was a new life born that night,
When the Holy Spirit took residence inside.

You see, God answers prayers in many ways,
And sometimes we just don’t understand.
But we believe that His love is pure,
And that He holds us within His hand.

In every life there’s a weakness,
Established by a loving design.
A place where the Lord fulfills purpose.
On those He declares, “this is mine.”

So when we surrender our purpose,
Intent to let HIM have his way.
We trust that his plan is the very best,
For we are just fragile clay.

The healing we prayed for is perfect,
The hope she possessed — realized.
And heaven is just that much sweeter,
For we’ve placed a great treasure inside.

-Justin Palmer

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.”

Ezekiel 36:26