I got a call the other day,
To do some poetry up here.
They said I’d be on stage,
Right after Scotty and my dear.

Now hows a guy suposto follow,
An act of that caliber and size.
When all I’m doing is telling stories,
That are mostly just rhymes and lies.

I am blessed to be able to travel,
With my buddy Scotty and my bride.
With hopes that in our songs and poems,
The Lord Jesus may be glorified.

They brought me here today,
With the sole purpose to entertain.
With the chance to be the center of attention,
My joy, I can hardly contain.

Now some poems will make you laugh,
And some will make you cry.
And theres even one that will make you ponder
Where your going when you die.

Most of them are family oriented,
A couple may be called unclean.
But I can guarantee you this,
The rest will fall somewhere in-between.

So sit back and take a deep seat,
And don’t be scared to find your joy.
Lets take a minute to share a laugh,
And celebrate the iconic cowboy.

-Justin Palmer