My little girl pulled on her boots
And cheerfully blocked my way.
She looked up with a smile on her face,
And asked “are you going with me today”?

She said “I wanna spend the day with my dad,
I wanna ride through the hills with you.
I want you to lead my little stick horse,
And we will get lots of work done too.

As I jumped her pony on the bus,
I knew the day would be long.
The schedule was full of work to do,
But beside me is where she belongs.

No matter what my little kids do,
Let it be known through the land.
This little helper of mine,
Will always be daddy’s top hand.

We drove down the road and I started to think,
And I pondered my walk with the Lord.
Am I just a burden and get in his way?
Or is a day spent with me counted a reward?

I cried out to the Lord with tears on my face,
And told him I wanted to be part of his crew.
I pointed out all the ways I was handy,
And how I would be an ace to draw to.

Just about then my girl climbed into my lap
And laid her head there on my chest.
It was then I heard my father softly say,
All I want is your heart, I will handle the rest.

That very minute he spoke to my heart,
About just what he wanted in me.
It is nothing with what you can do
See that’s why my son died on a tree.

Now I wanna spend time with my daddy,
I wanna ride with him through the land.
I want him to lead me down the trail called life,
Soon I wanna hear “Enter good and faithful, top hand”

-Justin Palmer