I sat and pondered the other day
On this spring time of year.
And tried to figure out why
I seem to hold it so dear.

It’s this time of year that God
Rejuvenates and replenishes the land,
But best of all its time,
To gather to rope and brand.

I’ve been known to travel
This country far and wide.
Even been know to work for free,
Just to be able to burn some hide.

I think mostly it’s the friends,
And the smell of burning hair.
That makes me love being a cowboy,
And branding in the cool spring air.

I’ve seen each owner take their time
Placing the brand with pride.
Putting their mark on their stock,
For all to see on their cattle’s side.

Each owner knows that this here mark,
That’s diligently placed upon its skin,
Will one day this fall bring their cattle,
Back home to them again.

Then they are turned out to graze,
In this world to try their hand,
At living in the wild mean country,
To see just how they can stand.

God has always loved a good,
Gathering and branding season to,
And is always waiting patiently
To put his loving mark on you.

The angels have the irons in hand
And they are hot and glowing red.
To cover you with His Holy blood
That for you and me was shed.

God being the honest, upstanding
Cowboy we know that he is,
Would never put his mark
On any stock that isn’t his.

The hired hand angels are there
To help you through trials and strife,
They help keep you healthy and strong
And pull you out of the bogs called life.

I am proud to pack my masters brand,
For all this world to know and see.
That God is my loving master,
And Him and heaven are waiting for me.

Jesus has the great tally book
Hes saddled and waiting at the gate.
That’s where the strays will be sorted
And the unbranded will learn their fate.

But for those that bear His mark
I have heard that its said
We will be rounded up in glory,
And pushed up the heavenly trail ahead.

So look and see whose name
Is painted on the tag in your ear,
For branding season is almost over
And the judgment day is near.

If you are sick tired of living,
Out the life of a lonely stray,
Take Gods brand upon you,
And have your soul saved today.

-Justin Palmer