How do you say goodbye
To someone you truly love?
Even when you’re promised,
They are waiting up above.

There is a time to grieve,
Only you know how long.
And the emotions will come back,
When you hear their favorite song.

With the passing of each year,
The loss gets easier to bear.
You’ve only learned to live with the pain,
It’s not because you don’t care.

We continue to live our lives,
Doing the best we can with pain.
Vowing to never forget their life,
And always honor their name.

We are all that much better,
For the time we got to spend.
Let’s cherish the laughs and memories,
Because they’re what help us mend.

Heaven is now a sweeter destination,
For that is where our treasure is stored.
So, let’s love and encourage one another,
And keep our eyes upon the Lord.

We can only get to heaven,
Through the One that paid the price.
And what an amazing reunion it will be,
When we get to see them – and Jesus Christ.

-Justin Palmer