He hurries to cast his line one last time,
As the sun is setting beneath the rim.
There’s no way he’s ending this trip,
With his wife out fishing him once again.

You’d think that after 65 years,
He’d be ok with a day being beat.
But there’s something inside each man,
That just wont let him accept defeat.

Its what drives him ahead of the pack,
Its what pushed the settlers to the west.
Weather he’s working out in his garden,
Or tagging a calf, he strives to do his best.

It’s the pride he takes in the work he’s done,
And keeping his word till the day he dies.
Right down to the little things of stewardship,
And crossing his T’s and dotting his I’s.

Not a day goes by he don’t tell his wife,
Just what a blessing she has been to him.
Even after being married for 35 years,
He still looks at her like their dating again.

It’s the heart of a man that cant be replaced,
His loving touch is more precious than gold.
Its his love for his family and friends,
That will live on long after he’s turned old.

So when God decides to call your man home,
Just know that its not cause He don’t care.
Heaven has a special job for him to do,
And he’ll be waiting for you up there.

-Justin Palmer